Handheld Inkjet Portable Printer

Handheld inkjet portable printer is rather small and also very light, about two pounds and has no wiring at all. All this means that the handheld printer is totally mobile.

What is it used for?

Generally speaking, the handjet printer is used for marking various kind of products. It can be used in every company where printing signs, symbols, or dates on various kinds of products is required.

Where can it use for?



Most importantly, handheld printer can print on almost every surfaces. Thanks to its unique technology, the handheld inkjet printer can print on:

  • paper
  • carton
  • foil
  • wrap
  • metal surfaces
  • wood
  • cement or concrete
  • plastics
  • textiles
  • glass .. and many other materials.

Who can use this handheld printer?

The handheld printer can print on the majority of solid materials used in the world today. Therefore, this printer can be used in production plants, commercial and logistic companies as well as in offices.

Handheld printer is a mobile solution for your company which will ease life substantially and save a lot of time and money.

As you can see the handheld printers versatile applications fit any company and sure to serve well everywhere, where the marking of any kind of products is required.

Handheld  Inkjet Printer VS Traditional Printer

What sets hand held printer apart from the traditional printer is its innovative technology.

What is it that makes handjet different from other traditional methods of marking?

Everything! absolutely everything.

With this handheld portable inkjet printer, the use of traditional methods for marking products becomes nothing more than a waste of employee time and the employers money.

Stencils, uneven inscriptions , making each inscription from the beginning, stains or paint smudges are all now a thing of the past.

Why is hand held inkjet is the printer of the future?

Because, it has been constructed to cope with the present needs of your company, as well as those which might appear.

The hand held inkjet printer is 100% mobile and therefore it can be easily adapted to nearly any new task.

The statement 100% mobile means that the printer has no annoying cables, the ability to be used outdoors, easy adaptation to various task.

Handheld Printer General Features

Earlier we mentioned its lightweight and ergonomic design, its time to have a look at a few of the other important features of this worlds best portable printer for product marking.

Easy to use

This portable printer is very simple to use. All necessary text must be entered into a computer using a special program, and send to the printer when ready.

Cordless device / Portable

No cables are necessary for this. The handheld printer is a cordless device. It can be up to 160 feet away from a computer while loading text.

The texts are stored in the printers memory, at this point the range of its operation is unlimited.


Thanks to handheld portable printers, now permanent legible over prints on various surfaces are no longer a problem.

Regardless whether the surfaces are smooth, porous, even or irregular in shape.

Unlike other printing methods, the handheld portable printer is capable of making a legible over print on almost any kind of surfaces.

Important Features

Simplicity of use, unlimited range of operation, printing on difficult surfaces… these are only a few of the vital features of the handheld inkjet printer.

Now, a word about its functionality!

Printing text, symbols and graphics

You can send many different texts to the handheld inkjet printers memories. Selecting the desired text will take you only a few seconds.

Another feature of the hand held printer is that the size of the letters doesn’t have to be the same.

Any text can be printed in both large and small characters. The hand held inkjet printer can also print various symbols and simple graphics.

Data storage capacity

There is one more important hand held feature we want to talk about, data storage capacity.

This printer can store a few different messages at a time. Each message can have several lines and hundreds of characters, that means that the memory can hold 13 thousand characters ready for printing.

Aside from that, hundreds of texts can be stored on computer and sent to the hand held printer as needed in blocks of up to 10 texts at a time.

Product Marking System

With this hand held inkjet printer, you will be able to mark different kinds of products regardless of the material they are made of, the texture and curvature of the surface and regardless of where they are produced.

The hand held printer will give you many benefits and allow you to save time and money.

The hand held printer is the perfect solution and an investment in the future.

Before we come to the details, lets sum up the general features of the hand held inkjet printer.

  • The handheld printer is used for marking products
  • The handheld printer can print on almost all kinds of surfaces, corrugated, uneven or rough surfaces are easy to handle
  • The use of the printer is very simple and is reduced to three action:
    – writing a text
    – Sending the text to the printer
    – print it
  • Handheld inkjet printer prints not only letters but also graphics and the size of the characters is variable.

Handheld Inkjet Printer Details Functionality

Now, you will learn a number of details concerning the operation of the hand held inkjet printer.

We will talk about the unique advantages of this printer which offers revolutionary solutions to problems in every field and everywhere products of packages need to be marked.

This inconspicuous device contains many of the most technologically advanced mechanisms.

For instance,

* state-of-the-art processor with memory
* Radio communication interface
* micro pump – providing pressure
* sensor – showing printer speed and direction over the surface

All these precise mechanisms determine the correct operation of the printer.

If while printing we stopped our hand for sometime, the hand held printer will immediately stop printing and will start it again when we continue to move our hand.

Likewise, when we rapidly slow down the movement or suddenly speed it up, the printer will immediately adapt the speed of printing to the speed of hand movement.

If we move our hand back and then forward again, the printer will start printing exactly at the same spot it stop.

The only condition for continuous printing is that, lower guide role is not taken away from the surface.

Please not that in the examples above, no stains occurred whatsoever. The reason for this is that the printing is done by jetting tiny drops of ink.

The amount of drops jetted onto the surface will always be the same, regardless of the speed of move.

Thanks to a microprocessor. The printer automatically selects the speed and amount of ink drops and adapts the speed of the printer as it is moved along the object being marked.

It all depends on the movement of the hand operating the printer. text can be printed along any curved line.

It is enough to lead the printer appropriately, like a child with a toy.

Of course we can also print in a circle or an arc.

Precise  Printing

Another feature of the handheld inkjet printer is the ability to make precise prints.

After the printer has been programmed appropriately, precise printing is no longer a problem and the over print will always be placed in the area specified.

As you see yourself, handheld printer is a smart device which can be easily adapted to our expectations, further proof of 100% printing mobility.

It also contains a few more useful options.

Automatic Counter

Marking and numbering poles along long sections of the street is child’s play when using a handheld printer.

It has an automatic counter which records every subsequent object being marked.

In each text, different counters can be used which will give ascending numbers, descending numbers or any other at the user’s discretion.

Automatic date

Besides an automatic counter, handheld printer also has an automatic date. Dates can be printed in all the possible configurations in use all over the world.

It is also possible to encode the date by shifting the order of all the date and time elements.

Fonts and windows characters

The handheld printer has several built-in-fonts as well as a wide range of windows characters.

For use in writing tasks in many languages, certainly one more advantage so we can print texts easily in the Cyrillic alphabet, Chinese and Arabic fonts and of course the latin alphabet.

Line by line and Differrent sides Printing

If you want to print quick messages line by line or on different sides of packaging, the hand held printer is the right choice.

This printer knows when you move your hand to print another line and stops printing.

After removing and setting the printer in a new place, you simply press the trigger and print another line.

This function is called line by line and is particularly useful in addressing parcels.

The handheld printer is an invaluable tool for logistics.

Handheld inkjet printer can write in both directions, in mirror-image, and always in a manner legible in the products target position.

The handheld printer needs a standard PC with one of the Windows operating system.

Sum up

Lets sum up, the handheld inkjet printer prints letters, symbols and graphics on almost any surface.

With the fonts, you can print texts in every language in the world. The handheld printer manages rough surfaces, curvatures, arcs, concavities etc perfectly.

It is very simple to use, the life of the battery allows for 50 hours of non-stop printing which is particularly important when working outdoors.

Finally, the hand held printers technologically superior, those are quite a few possibilities aren’t they?

This small device has almost unlimited capabilities. The handheld printer offers innovative solutions on a worldwide scale.

Now, the marking product has just become easier, less time-consuming and cheap.

The handheld portable inkjet printer may be the perfect solution to facilitate efficient operation of your company.